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The Effect of a Limiting Collection Full Update

When a limiting collection performs a full update, then all collections with that collection as its limiting collection are updated as well. Depending on how many collections are using it (consider an All Servers or an All Workstations limiting collection) and the size of your environment, that can be pretty costly. I noticed in the colleval.log that when our All Workstations limiting collection does a full update — either on schedule or when someone clicks the Update Membership button — it starts a chain reaction of roughly an hour of down-level full evaluations of collections.

If you have such a collection, then your best bet is to configure it to use Incremental Updates, and set its full update schedule to happen off hours.

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  • Jim Parris October 8, 2013, 9:49 am

    That explains why we have had so much activity on our site! Time to educate the users!

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