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Where’s Waldo: SCCM Object Folder Path

You are in the Configuration Manager 2012 console, looking for a collection, or possibly a software package. You searched “All Subfolders” and found the item. But where exactly is it in the folder structure within the console?

I created a right-click tool for the console called SCCM Object Folder Path.  For collections (user and device), packages, applications, queries, and task sequences, right-click the object and select [Object] Path.  PowerShell will run in the background, and pop up a message box with that object’s folder path.  It has been tested with SCCM 2012 SP1 through R2.  Make sure you have at least PowerShell 3 installed (it has not been tested with versions below that).

NOTE: run PowerShell as Administrator to run Install.ps1 or Uninstall.ps1. Download it here: SCCM Object Folder Path

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